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So Much More than Kites

True, I’m a little bit fixated on kites… just pulled the trigger on a “like new” HQ Flowform 4.0 down in Texas - Thank you Mindy! (Also, see my post, ‘Kite for Sale… Hardly Ever Flown’). Ok, I’m a LOT fixated on kites (See Kite Flying is My Other Passion)… or at least it just… Continue reading So Much More than Kites

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Take a Flying Leap!

My earliest kiting memories. What? When did this happen!? …That was me doing a double-take in Milwaukee’s Veterans Park in July of 2016. I’d never seen giant show kites, or anything like them. The evolution of kiting as I’d experienced it moved from paper to plastic and then to just about EVERYTHING in rainbow colors… Continue reading Take a Flying Leap!

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Kiting with Kindness; Grateful to Gibian

Ron Gibian and his larger-than-life creations. Enter the extraordinary… a world that’s big, bold, and astonishingly larger than life – and you’ve entered the world of Ron Gibian! And, as I recently experienced, extraordinary is as much about who Ron is as it is about his exquisite one-off and limited series kite designs known throughout… Continue reading Kiting with Kindness; Grateful to Gibian