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New Kite Festivals Taking Flight

Success… After spending many an afternoon flying some of my larger kites at Windsor Sports Complex just outside of Madison, WI, I reached out to the DeForest Windsor Area Chamber of Commerce on the idea of a kite festival, and we’re in business! Come join the Wisconsin Kiters Club and the DeForest Windsor community for… Continue reading New Kite Festivals Taking Flight

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Kiting with Kindness; Grateful to Gibian

Ron Gibian and his larger-than-life creations. Enter the extraordinary… a world that’s big, bold, and astonishingly larger than life – and you’ve entered the world of Ron Gibian! And, as I recently experienced, extraordinary is as much about who Ron is as it is about his exquisite one-off and limited series kite designs known throughout… Continue reading Kiting with Kindness; Grateful to Gibian

Kite Festival, Kite Flying, Kiting

When I First Hit the Ice for Some Serious Kiting

In late 2017 I came away with a 30ft X 88ft maxi gecko kite from an online auction held by the Ohio Society for the Elevation of Kites. Next stop, the Color the Wind Kite Festival in Clear Lake, Iowa at the invitation of festival founder, Larry Day...

Kite Flying, Kiting

How Much Did You Pay for that Kite?

“Do you mind if I ask…” That’s usually how the question starts. And I don’t mind. If it were me, I’d want to know too. Rokkaku The truth is, how much one pays for a kite can vary as infinitely as kites do themselves in size, shape, color, genre, etc. Retail prices tend to stay… Continue reading How Much Did You Pay for that Kite?