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You Bought a Whosuwhatsit!!!!!!?

That’s right… Faye, my new (well, new to me) Patchwork Maxi Ray, arrived yesterday, and I'll look to have her skyward soon. Many thanks to Portland, OR-based master kitebuilder and showkiter, Rod Thrall for passing it along. Rod Thrall, Master Kitebuilder Rod is one in a long list of talented kiters I recently met while… Continue reading You Bought a Whosuwhatsit!!!!!!?

Kite Building, Kite Festival, Kite Flying, Kiting

‘KitesUp!’ with Barbara Meyer

Here's the skinny on artist, designer and kitemaker, Barbara Meyer, how to nab some of her original creations, and more! 1. Your intricate designs are known the world over, and you're quite an accomplished kite builder. How did you find your way into kiting? Wear the KitesUp! Brand In the late 1970s -- yea… Continue reading ‘KitesUp!’ with Barbara Meyer

Kite Building, Kite Flying, Kiting

Kiting with Kindness; Grateful to Gibian

Ron Gibian and his larger-than-life creations. Enter the extraordinary… a world that’s big, bold, and astonishingly larger than life – and you’ve entered the world of Ron Gibian! And, as I recently experienced, extraordinary is as much about who Ron is as it is about his exquisite one-off and limited series kite designs known throughout… Continue reading Kiting with Kindness; Grateful to Gibian