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Kiting with Kindness; Grateful to Gibian

Ron Gibian and his larger-than-life creations.

Enter the extraordinary… a world that’s big, bold, and astonishingly larger than life – and you’ve entered the world of Ron Gibian! And, as I recently experienced, extraordinary is as much about who Ron is as it is about his exquisite one-off and limited series kite designs known throughout the kiting community.

Flown before Ron’s outreach.

In mid-2021, I happened upon and quickly bought from a Canadian seller a long-out-of-production, Premier Kites, 6ft Mandril designed by Ron. With some tweaking to the bridle, I had it up in the sky in a jiff. And, aside from leaning slightly to the left, it flew well with an active hand.

Not long after posting the video, ‘Welcome to the Jungle where I Handle the Mandril‘ (yes, that’s really the title), Ron messaged me on Instagram with an offer to straighten out the kite.

Flown before Ron’s outreach.

We connected by phone and had a great conversation. I learned a bit about Ron, first-hand, and shared with him how much I appreciated his designs and enjoyed learning more about him from his YouTube interview with Kite Builders.

At Ron’s invitation, I sent the kite to him and, he not only made it fly straight, he gave it a complete overhaul, including:

Upgrades to the Mandril, which is based on Ron’s Astralglide design.
  • Redoing all the corner vans tips with stiffer material for more integrity.
  • Adding an endcap instead of pocket to the top tip.
  • Giving the bottom tip a different tensioning system.
  • Cleaning up the large slot holes
  • Trading out the bridle and tension system for lighter line.
  • Changing the cross spars to carbon.
  • Swapping out the ribbon tie downs.

Ron even signed and dated the kite!

The end result can be seen in the video below.

Mandril nailed to the sky, thanks to Ron Gibian’s touch.

Thank you, Ron!

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