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This is What I’m Doing in Kiting

As I’ve shared, my passion for capturing the kite flying experience is about so much more than kites. This seems to be resonating with others in the form of a growing YouTube subscriber base, and it’s inspiring me to move a step further.

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More Communities Knocking the Wind Back into Big Kiting

Okoboji Winter Games Kite Festival #Bojikites, Okoboji, IA Yesterday I touched on the challenge of finding quality flow form kites. Higher quality ones from Air Affairs (Suttons) and HQ, including HQ’s larger power sleds, are out of production. And on the large side, Jordan kites were out of production long before I even got back… Continue reading More Communities Knocking the Wind Back into Big Kiting

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So Much More than Kites

True, I’m a little bit fixated on kites… just pulled the trigger on a “like new” HQ Flowform 4.0 down in Texas - Thank you Mindy! (Also, see my post, ‘Kite for Sale… Hardly Ever Flown’). Ok, I’m a LOT fixated on kites (See Kite Flying is My Other Passion)… or at least it just… Continue reading So Much More than Kites

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Kiters Set to Make a Spectacle on Upper Midwest’s Frozen Lakes

Ah, winter… Snowmen, snowball fights, sledding, skiing, hockey, ice fishing, kite flying… Wait, what? Kite flying? Yes, kite flying! Check out these winter kite festivals...