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Take a Flying Leap!

My earliest kiting memories.

What? When did this happen!? …That was me doing a double-take in Milwaukee’s Veterans Park in July of 2016. I’d never seen giant show kites, or anything like them. The evolution of kiting as I’d experienced it moved from paper to plastic and then to just about EVERYTHING in rainbow colors and mylar – toys I’d long outgrown. That was the moment I got back into kiting in a BIG Way!

Picking up where I’d left off… not an option! The only way up, I’d decided, would be down the road less traveled – a major leap outside of my comfort zone in scale, and with that, budget – but with assurance of a wise investment, meaning this kite had better fly and the price paid had better not serve as an embarrassment if I come across another one selling for a drastically lower amount.

Premier Kites and Designs
Rieleit Foil 20 Promo

After doing my homework, I dove in on a Premier Kites Rieleit Foil 20 from Chicago Kite and never looked back. This kite couldn’t get away flying without me capturing its every move on video. It was my education into big kites and understanding how wind conditions can affect flight.

Mentor and coach, kiter Glenn Mitchell, who featured videos of the Rieleit Foil in action on his YouTube channel, filled in the gaps on the gear I needed to safely anchor and fly this kite (and any large kite for that matter), which I still fly to this day.

The Rieleit Foil 20 flies best in wide-open spaces with consistent winds. Best if flown a considerable distance from other kites, as it will take up a wide portion of airspace.

Make My Favorite Kite Bag, And More, You’re Own

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