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‘KitesUp!’ with Barbara Meyer

Here's the skinny on artist, designer and kitemaker, Barbara Meyer, how to nab some of her original creations, and more! 1. Your intricate designs are known the world over, and you're quite an accomplished kite builder. How did you find your way into kiting? Wear the KitesUp! Brand In the late 1970s -- yea… Continue reading ‘KitesUp!’ with Barbara Meyer

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Yes… I’m an Altitude Junkie

Sure, watching a HUGE showkite hover just above the ground is impressive, but I’m more in it for the spectacle of a kite that can be seen for miles away. So, for God sakes man... put some altitude under that baby!!! Taking the Gecko up a Notch - My Kind of Flying! And recently,… Continue reading Yes… I’m an Altitude Junkie

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Showkiter to Gear Hound: Here are the Essentials, and More

Showkite? Check! Now it’s all about your gear!!! You’ve made the leap! So, now what? With my first BIG kite, I quickly learned what gear to use and where to find it remained a mystery. Yes... it’s the secret handshake of big kiting. No worries, as it's one anyone will gladly share, if asked. To… Continue reading Showkiter to Gear Hound: Here are the Essentials, and More

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So Much More than Kites

True, I’m a little bit fixated on kites… just pulled the trigger on a “like new” HQ Flowform 4.0 down in Texas - Thank you Mindy! (Also, see my post, ‘Kite for Sale… Hardly Ever Flown’). Ok, I’m a LOT fixated on kites (See Kite Flying is My Other Passion)… or at least it just… Continue reading So Much More than Kites

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Take a Flying Leap!

My earliest kiting memories. What? When did this happen!? …That was me doing a double-take in Milwaukee’s Veterans Park in July of 2016. I’d never seen giant show kites, or anything like them. The evolution of kiting as I’d experienced it moved from paper to plastic and then to just about EVERYTHING in rainbow colors… Continue reading Take a Flying Leap!