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Yes… I’m an Altitude Junkie

Sure, watching a HUGE showkite hover just above the ground is impressive, but I’m more in it for the spectacle of a kite that can be seen for miles away. So, for God sakes man… put some altitude under that baby!!!

Taking the Gecko up a Notch – My Kind of Flying!

And recently, thanks to kite maker Tony Killip, I was able to do just that. You see, Tony took my 30ft X 88ft Maxi Gecko (circa 2005) – a true kite now, mind you – and outfitted it to perform with a pilot kite or lifter. Seen here a few years ago, the Gecko now flies beautifully at virtually any height and serves as a powerful lifter in its own right. THANK YOU TONY!

Breathtaking at 500ft!

Add to this, large kites including a Rieleit Foil 20 that I’ve had as high as 500ft and a 65 sqm Trilobite that’s destined for new heights, and I’m a junkie who gets his fix more than his share of times. And this applies to kites of all sizes, even the Maxi Ray I have yet to own.

It’s a rough life being a highflier. Somebody has to do it… Someone has show the world the sky is truly the limit.   

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