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This is What I’m Doing in Kiting

As I’ve shared, my passion for capturing the kite flying experience is about so much more than kites. This seems to be resonating with others in the form of a growing YouTube subscriber base, and it’s inspiring me to move a step further.

Kite Festival, Kite Flying, Kiting

New Kite Festivals Taking Flight

Success… After spending many an afternoon flying some of my larger kites at Windsor Sports Complex just outside of Madison, WI, I reached out to the DeForest Windsor Area Chamber of Commerce on the idea of a kite festival, and we’re in business! Come join the Wisconsin Kiters Club and the DeForest Windsor community for… Continue reading New Kite Festivals Taking Flight

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Find the Kite You Want this Spring

What did Jared get? Spring has arrived! And from what I can tell by social media, vacuumed packages filled with kites are arriving on the doorsteps of quite a few fliers. As for me, for the first time in a long while, I can honestly say I don’t really have my sights set on anything… Continue reading Find the Kite You Want this Spring

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‘That’s Crazy!’; Little Tyke Captures ‘Enormous’ Kite

Last weekend I got a kick out of a little 5yr-old boy in my neighborhood. With great excitement and albeit in a very collected manner, he captured the Sutton 252 on video from his house as I flew it on Saturday morning. His mother posted it on our neighborhood Facebook page and very kindly made… Continue reading ‘That’s Crazy!’; Little Tyke Captures ‘Enormous’ Kite