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Confessions of a Kite Monger

Thank you, Mindy!

That’s right! Call me what you want. Another package arrived today. You see, it was that darn Mindy in Texas. She was the one who did it. She’s the one who convinced me to buy her HQ Flowform 4.0… Fabric is as crisp as the day it was born… Ahhhhh! Uh-um… Well, it’s all her fault. She threw in the 500lb line and a spiked spinsock from Gomberg Kites. How could I refuse?

Honestly, I don’t know how she found me. It’s not like I reached out to her… on Facebook… after a long search… um, in 100-mile increments across North America. Alright, not an exhaustive search by any means, but a profitable one. It flies really well – as you soon see.

Aside from nabbing an item or two… or seven, or eight… 10 or 12… from time to time, I’ve taken to writing this blog entirely for fun to educate, inform, and yes, even entertain. It’s not at all because I’m looking to generate a passive income by designing some spiffy looking “KitesUp!”- branded apparel. APPAREL! GET YOUR KITESUP!-BRANDED APPAREL RIGHT HERE! …No, no, that’s not it at all. And it’s not because I’m an affiliate of the awesome company selling the best darn kite bag in the world! KITE BAG! GET YOUR KITE BAG RIGHT HERE! …No, no, that’s not it either. Here’s a look at how I use mine.

This is the kite flying experience

As I’ve said it before, I LOVE kiting because there’s nothing like a mesmerizing afternoon with a giant kite filling the sky, whether out on my own, with friends, or at the largest of kite festivals. Bottom line, I love the experience and capturing it. Sharing it with you on YouTube is an absolute joy. I love kite flying because it’s a whole heap of fun, and it keeps me young!

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