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What Goes Up Mustn’t Come Down

“Put some altitude on that thing!” That’s usually where I’m at anytime it comes to flying most any kite, even large showkites (See, Yes, I’m an Altitude Junkie.). I’m with kiter, Mike Gee… If you’re going to fly it, put it up there!

All-Weather Showkiter, Mike Gee

Then again, Mike Gee has a truck, a side-by-side and a snowmobile. One way or another, at the end of the day, his kites are coming down! Depending on where you’re at here in the Midwest, most winds are a bit smoother up top and help keep your kites airborne. And that’s a good thing when stacking four or five maxis, like Mike and kiters, Mark Brandt, Aaron and Lorelei King, and others.

Meet Showkiters, Aaron and Lorelei King

I’m a pretty good judge of what I can bring down and when. The only time I throw caution to the wind is when there’s enough collective power to help. Fortunately, this winter, Mike, his truck, and fellow kiters weren’t too far away at Color the Wind, or Faye Ray would have easily pulled an all-nighter.

Winter kiting season is like no other! Take a look at these winter kite festivals.

We’re all about helping each other (See The Unwritten Rules of Festival Kite Flying.). Teamwork makes the dream work, so dream BIG!

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