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‘Kite for Sale… Hardly Ever Flown’

  • “Kite available. Never Flown.”
  • “Kite – Like new. Only flown once or twice.
  • “Kite for sale. Unopened.”

Hear that? It’s hardly flash fiction or a six word memoir. No… it’s music to my ears. I mean, how else am I EVER going fly some of my favorite kites on such a modest budget… much less, own a one-of-a-kind or cherished classic?

That’s right… Most everything I fly came from a mix of slipping $10 under a rock on a porch, to hitting the right online bid, getting my ticket pulled in a raffle, making a connection with someone who knows a good home when they see one, even sending boxes to make it easier for sellers to ship, or meeting someone in a parking lot of a big-box store, or driving aways out of state.

Used Goods

All that said, there’s no shortage of ways to happen into what just might be the find of a lifetime. Take it from someone who’s experienced a dozen lifetime finds this last year alone.

I mean, right now there’s a Premier Trick & Track out there for $25, a Premier Mona Lisa Rokkaku for $50 and an original hand-made month delta by George Peters for $250… just to name a few.

So, what are you waiting for? …Get out there and invest in a kite club membership, join a kite sales group, or start searching online. Many people have taken to a variety of sales platforms to pass along their gently used, and even gently unused goods. And I’m joyful, if not a little bit sad that, more often than not, kites of all shapes and sizes are among them.  Long live second-hand kites!!!

4 thoughts on “‘Kite for Sale… Hardly Ever Flown’”

  1. Hunting for kites on line in the used market is a bit like hunting for buried treasure. The hunt is fun..and sometimes you find stuff that you have no interest in..but someone else might. So it’s nice when that info is passed along. Thank you Michael Sherman. (wink)…


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