Kite Bag, Kite Festival, Kite Flying, Kiting

Confessions of a Kite Monger

Thank you, Mindy! That’s right! Call me what you want. Another package arrived today. You see, it was that darn Mindy in Texas. She was the one who did it. She's the one who convinced me to buy her HQ Flowform 4.0... Fabric is as crisp as the day it was born... Ahhhhh! Uh-um… Well,… Continue reading Confessions of a Kite Monger

Kite Bag, Kite Flying, Kiting

This Kite Bag is a Rare Find

There’s nothing like a great find. When it comes to kites, some are like finding a needle in haystack. This year alone I found some rare and truly remarkable one-of-a-kind kites. This kite bag ranks right up there with so many of these finds. Get it while...

Kite Festival, Kite Flying, Kiter, Kiting

Kite Flying is My Other Passion

I love to fly kites, especially the opportunity to fly large kites over the great state of Wisconsin. I’m a proud member of the award-winning Wisconsin Kiters and the American Kitefliers Association. Whether flying in a handful of kite festivals across the Midwest or out on my own, I always find a creative way to capture...