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This is What I’m Doing in Kiting

Looking for the perfect shot

Flying kites, learning all about kites and kiting, and partnering with communities to help spread the joy of kiting as President of the award-winning Wisconsin Kiters Club is just the beginning. As I’ve shared, my passion for capturing the kite flying experience is about so much more than kites. This is resonating with others in the form of a growing YouTube subscriber base, and it’s inspiring me to move a step further.

MANY people I meet at kite festivals say they’ve “never before seen kites like these.” I’d like to help change that by pursuing opportunities to work with the kiting industry and communities to generate excitement, build event participation and attendance, and introduce the world to the WORLD of kiting, especially the over-the-top, mesmerizing spectacle that is show kiting.

Take that extra step and make an EXPERIENCE out of your experience. It’s a small world, and I’m an email away.

So, here’s my pitch for any festival, community, sponsor, kite company, or flier that has yet to share a truly epic look at what you’re doing. Take that extra step and let’s make an EXPERIENCE out of your experience. It’s a small world, and I’m an email away.

Beyond that, I’m tapping into the endless enthusiasm across our own tight-knit community by connecting through our shared exhilaration for being out on the flying field. I hope this blog, as intentionally brief as it is, helps carry that forward. I’m having a blast developing and the KitesUp! brand as a vehicle for doing just that. So, find something you like, reach out with any ideas or opportunities and, together, let’s keep this train and the camera a rollin’!

6 thoughts on “This is What I’m Doing in Kiting”

      1. Yes I love the passion as well. I put on one man kite shows on the waterfront in Buffalo, NY. None of these are planned. If weather forecast is good, I am there. Thanks for your videos and blog

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    1. I have close to 100 kites now in about 25 styles. I bought 8 from Monica Lou last year. 2 octopus, 3 tadpoles and 3 trilobites. I also bought 8 sun oak kites last year. I have many others from gomberg and into the wind. I have big 81 sq foot sleds from Barbara Meyers. I am all set for light and medium winds. I don’t like to fly if winds get close to 20 mph . I fly the kites that are best for the forecast that day

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