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Where Did You Get Your Tail?

100ft Filmstrip Tail, Gomberg Kites

I’ve never really been one for accessorizing. As a budget-minded flier, I’m in it for the kite! Anything else is icing on the cake… or at least that was my attitude in the beginning.

I quickly learned the impact of a good quality tail after purchasing a custom filmstrip from Gomberg Kites. I did my best to snap up couple of kites and streamers before David shutdown his business, but I should have grabbed more tails! …Uh, uh-um. Anyway…

Sutton 252

Gomberg’s light weight taffeta banner tails measuring 10ft X 100ft, 8ft X 75ft and 5ft X 50ft are not so easy to come by these days. A handful of stores sell banner tails through AliExpress – Kaixuan Kite, Weifanglanyun, and BLIN TOY – to name a few. Fun With Wind appears to be the only domestic resource remaining. I’ve had some good experiences ordering a few custom tails from New Sky Kites. They are heavier polyester and perform well.

Flowform 214

If you’re aware of any other vendors/suppliers who use light weight taffeta, or any other materials for that matter, please include their information and links in the comment section below.

9 thoughts on “Where Did You Get Your Tail?”

  1. I have lots of Diamond Tubes from Gomberg. I have 5 100 foot Diamond Tubes, 5 55 foot diamond tubes and 4 55 foot snake tubes. They are all fantastic. I had many of them custom colored to match my kites. I stocked up on transition tails when he had the sale 2 years ok. I have over 35 of those in various sizes and colors. I also have 10 square pillows in various sizes and other laundry he sold I will follow your blog Michael.

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  2. You were lucky and smart to get them when you could James. I have a couple of 120 diamond tubes. The openings are rather bent. Need to find away to straighten them out. Maybe some surgical tubing around the edges. Thank you for the follow!


    1. Yes that becomes a problem after several flights. I have had a friend help with this. When the opening closes up it does not look great.


  3. I have built several banner tails for Jordan Airforms I build. They have all been made from .75 ripsto to match whatever kite I have built. Biggest one is on my Jordan 400, 18 feet wide x 120 feet long. Right at 100 yards of fabric in that one.

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  4. As you know Michael, I think flying a flowform without a large tail is like leaving home without your trousers on. Of course in light winds we have no choice, but when the wind behaves the majesty of a big flowform with a giant banner tail is a sight to behold. These kites usually support the weight of polyester well, and New Sky came up trumps with mine. Sleds on the other hand require a slightly more delicate touch, and the taffeta style material on a banner tail works really well. It can transform a plain old sled nicely, and make it more stable. I sourced mine from Ali-Express. Deltas always look great with a variety of tails, you need to look no further than a Flowtail to see how they transform. Tubes, banners, streamers all look great, but in my opinion if you’re going to have one – have a big one!

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  5. I’ve actually but 2 400s. Dean licensed me over 20 years ago to build and sell them. I’ve made over 30 of various sizes over the years. I’ll show you pictures in Okoboji.

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