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‘That’s Crazy!’; Little Tyke Captures ‘Enormous’ Kite

Last weekend I got a kick out of a little 5yr-old boy in my neighborhood. With great excitement and albeit in a very collected manner, he captured the Sutton 252 on video from his house as I flew it on Saturday morning. His mother posted it on our neighborhood Facebook page and very kindly made it available to share here.  

Making an impression from a distance.

Looks like this kid has the chops for video! Maybe someday he’ll even carry a passion for kite flying. The next time the winds are a blowing in the right direction here at home, I’ll have to invite him and his family out to fly kites!

I’ve spent the last several years capturing the kite flying experience with an eye on what’s going on right around me, so seeing this little person’s perspective and excitement from a distance is a real treat.

Here’s the video I was making as he made his.

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