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How Much Did You Pay for that Kite?

“Do you mind if I ask…” That’s usually how the question starts. And I don’t mind. If it were me, I’d want to know too.


The truth is, how much one pays for a kite can vary as infinitely as kites do themselves in size, shape, color, genre, etc. Retail prices tend to stay within fairly consistent ranges though, with a good quality 9ft delta running about $60. Move up to an 11ft delta or a good quality 6ft to 7ft rokkaku and you’re likely to spend $100 to $150 or more. Large flow form kites like the one in the featured image can run from a couple hundred dollars to many times that depending on the size and build. It’s certainly worth it for a good quality kite that’ll last for years, if well cared for.

A kite’s overall availability on the market, quality and complexity of construction will influence the price too. Some kites are issued by manufactures as limited-edition designs. There are plenty of knockoffs out there too. And as you might imagine, printed designs are generally far less in price than a highly intricate applique.

In my experience, the question of price most often comes up when one is observing something larger than life. Showkites can run from several hundred dollars for a small to medium sized kite, to $1000 to 2,000-plus for a large (maxi) kite, to $5,000 or more for an oversized kite.

All these things aside, take it from an avid kiter… when it comes to price, having a little patience and knowing where to look can make all the difference in the world for anyone who’s on a budget.

Stick with me to learn more.

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