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Seeking to connect, brands that integrate are getting it right

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Enlightened brands tend to forge more highly integrated corporate communications and marketing departments. They optimize the collaboration of these distinct disciplines to produce meaningful content that directly and immediately connects them with their desired audiences.

Appealing to prospects and customers increasingly disenchanted with being sold to, these brands have embraced the longstanding value of effective communications and reputation management to create strategic editorial content that more credibly and authentically informs.

Considerable value is being tapped to more thoughtfully position and connect. Witness the rise in social conscience, as evidenced by virtually every ad during the most recent Super Bowl. Through meaningful content and smart use of social and digital media, these campaigns have legs to engage and influence.

Deepen your bench

Businesses with deep communications and public relations bench strength have a distinct advantage in consistently achieving this higher level of quality across a wider spectrum. Think of everything from the creation and delivery of info-graphics, editorials and white papers to podcasts, videos and more. Those organizations aspiring to higher performance are now tapping these more experienced professionals like never before.

Integration is best when marketing delivers relevant insights through demographics and data that help identify and target audiences with relevant content to reinforce the brand and influence behavior. In this respect, communications and marketing work together in their most traditional sense.

Get it right

Those brands that excel more successfully concentrate their communications and marketing expertise around developing a strategic editorial agenda that resonates. They invest in the expertise, technical infrastructure, internal and external relationships, research and data essential for engaging in effective outreach.

Preserving the value and integrity of separate and distinct communication and marketing disciplines, yet effectively blending the two is the key to an effective program – one that delivers value, wins customers and provides a measurable return to your business.

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