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Executive Communications: Three ways to help your leaders and your company shine

Copy of A matter of speaking1Helping talented executives seize the moment is rewarding. Each opportunity to shape a leader’s message brings a unique set of challenges, particularly when one is at the podium. Here are three ways to position your leaders to forge meaningful connections, with examples of how executives marked some distinct occasions when their brands were center stage:
  1. Embrace your audience’s goal and inspire them to more – KeyBank placed the interests of more than 80 business professionals front and center in this important supplier diversity summit and invited them to shape something larger than any one individual or entity in the room.
  2. Underscore your value for relationships in a bold new way – Blending history, inspiration and artistry with the desire to help customers leave a legacy, Huntington Bank capitalized on the venue and 150 years of service to underscore its value for relationships during this special evening with healthcare industry professionals.
  3. Capture the essence of an occasion to set the tone – When welcoming the audience to this special evening with famed violinist, Itzhak Perlman, KeyBank shined a light on humanity in recognizing that it’s neither the music nor the instrument, but the musician, who moves us all. Key then drew a parallel to the selfless mission of the local nonprofit, which the event supported, and thoughtfully elevated both organizations.
The creative process can take time, but with a little research and experience in capturing or helping an executive find his or her voice, there are endless ways to help your leaders and your organization shine.

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