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Are Good Quality Flow Forms Really that Hard to Find?

Long out of production, Suttons are becoming legendary.

About six years ago when I got into large kite flying, molar flow forms weren’t even on my mind… Big and boring I thought. Instead, I kicked everything off with the Rieleit Foil. I’m glad I did, but I’ve since come to love flying molar flow forms of varying sizes and am fortunate to own six that are outstanding.

A few of these are still being sold where stock is left.

That said, five of them – HQ Flowforms 4 & 7 and Suttons 252, 30, and 8 – are out of production (as are the HQ Flowforms and Suttons altogether) and it appears that finding a good one these days is hit or miss.

With my limited experience buying new flow forms and plenty of time watching others fly them, I can tell you that the following sources appear to produce some reliable fliers:

This is a one-of-a-kind Killip 175.

Tony Killip: Tony Killip makes an absolutely beautiful flow form 248 and 125. He’ll design it in your choice of colors, and he test flies all of his creations to ensure they’re in top shape. Many a kite fest I’ve been to has Killip 248s and 125s nailed to the sky all day long.

Flow form 214 flown right here in the hood.

Fun With Wind: A few months ago, I came away from eBay with a red, white and blue flow form 214 from Jim Pelletier at Fun With Wind. It was a clearance buy – kite only, no banner tail. Boy, am I glad I did! I anticipated using it more as a backup, but it flies beautifully with and without a tail and has been a valued addition to my collection and recently made its presence known at Color the Wind and Kites Over Awesome Lake Antoine.

New Sky Kites: Handsomy at New Sky has been a great contact for custom tails matching Fun With Wind’s kite specs, and England-based friend and showkiter, Jonny Cummings, reports a good experience ordering from New Sky and is very pleased with his flow form.

If you’re aware of other makers and/or sellers of molar flowforms, please list their information in the comments below.

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