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Fly These Kites by Hand and You’ll be Gone in a Second

“Maxi”-sized Show Kites

Turns out wookies aren’t the only things that can pull people’s arms out of their sockets. Large show kite flying is dangerous. We’ll get into how they’re anchored in a park or on a warm sunny beach at another time. It’s winter! So, here’s a brief look at how those yahoos make sure they and their colossal show kites don’t fly away on an icy lake. (Check out these winter kite festivals in 2023.)

Large show kites and “line laundry”, like the turbine shown in the feature image, can pull all the way up to 4,000lbs to 5,000lbs or more, especially when several pieces the size of a school bus or an 18-wheeler are stacked together high into the sky. Multiple anchor points and line configurations enable this, but the basic premise is to auger and anchor with a 2” X 4” or a 4” X 4”.

The board is outfitted with strong enough rope to serve as a tow point. A strap and carabiner are then used to secure the kite’s flight line (that string or, in this case, the 4,000lb-plus rope you don’t want to be holding onto) to the tow point loop. The yellow rope connected to the side of the board and tied to the tow point enables easy retrieval of the board if the hole hasn’t solidly iced over by the end of the day.

So, there you have it. Take a look:

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