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This Kite Bag is a Rare Find

Over Your Head in Kites? There’s a Bag for that!

There’s nothing like a great find. When it comes to kites, some are like finding a needle in haystack. This year alone, I found some truly rare and one-of-a-kind kites. I enjoy flying them and sharing them on my YouTube channel, michaelksherman, as much as caring for and preserving them for next generation of fliers.

Here are the numbers.

And finding the 72″ DuffelGear 100 Series Long Duffel by, proved to be as much a rarity. At 72″ X 15″, it offers extraordinary capacity for my framed kites, and much more.

Personalized monogram

The bag easily holds 40 to 50 kites and accessories and makes traveling and storage a breeze. It comes with a shoulder strap, but is easy enough to carry over my shoulder with its extra-large Velcroed handles. Grips on both ends help with maneuvering when loading and unloading, and there’s a large outside zip pocket that’s handy for storing related gear and personal items. You can even opt for a personalized monogram when ordering.

If 72” is beyond your needs, consider the 56″ DuffelGear 100 Series Long Duffel. And for those who want something a little different, the 40″ DuffelGear 100 Series Roll Duffel and 30″ DuffelGear 100 Series Roll Duffel are also available.

Make My Favorite Kite Bag, and More, Your Own

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